Taipower A10HD quad core retina upcoming!

Recently, Taipower upcoming a 9.7-inch A10HD quad core tablet, the machine uses a 9.7-inch Retina retina screen with a resolution of up to 2048 × 1536, entirely consistent with latest ipad4 screen, fiber cents in the details of each screen, bringing top visual enjoyment, the built-in eight significant quad core processor, strong performance, of 200W front + rear 500W HD AF auto-focus camera, support 0 delay camera to 10 frames per second continuous shooting, using a more advanced integration screw machine body craft, metal body more beautiful natural rival ipad4. The of Taipower A10HD, nuclear fusion top of the configuration of the Tablet PC to date and the most stylish appearance, subvert existing tablet experience, Taipower A10HD quad core coming soon, so stay tuned!

The Taipower A10HD quad-core adopt new top 9.7 inch retina screen, fully consistent with the latest ipad4 screen, this is the best of the current display tablet! Resolution up to 2048 x 1536 pixels, four times the number of pixels of 3.1 million in 1024x768 high score screen, 44% color saturation than high-definition TV at home, but also clear pixels on the screen, you can not perceive particles point each The text display clearer delicate, rich details of the picture, the game is more vivid, allowing you to experience an unprecedented visual enjoyment!

The Taipower A10HD four nuclear new generation of full-Chi A31 eight significant quad-core master chip, with the world's most advanced four-core architecture CPU, doubling the performance compared to dual-core tablet! The relative mononuclear flat up to 400% faster! With a secondary cache of up to 1M in the flat for the first time, will bring more than 2 times the data processing and transmission speed, the comprehensive performance relative to dual-core tablet is quite different, a huge boost performance while the Taipower A10HD quad-core power consumption than A8 single-core A9 dual-core architecture the tablet less, experience a comprehensive upgrade again!

Uses more advanced the Taipower A10HD quad-core integrated body design, screwless design, while the greater area of the metal body, metal wrapped live body, sleek curves transition more natural appearance, can comparable to with ipad4 fuselage craft screw heavy and clumsy body process, far ahead of other domestic brands, with the white TP panel, let the Taipower A10HD quad-core more beautiful and stylish!

The Taipower A10HD quad-core with pre-200W + Rear 500W high-definition camera, rear camera support AF (Auto Focus) function more pictures per second, 10 Continuous support 0 delay to capture every moment! Whether it is scanning the two-dimensional code, recorded video, pictures can easily can greatly facilitate the bits and pieces of your record life. Easily start a video chat through QQ, SKYPE chat software, combined with the network feature that allows you to carry out intimate contact with family and friends anytime, anywhere.

Eight huge increase significantly quad-core performance, however, the power consumption than the dual-core lower, if the average speed per watts consumed by the processor, that is, in the case of electricity costs as much, A31 four-core processors 150% efficiency. In addition, the Taipower A10HD quad-core built-in oversized 9000mAh capacity lithium battery, and built specifically for A10HD quad-core smart PMIC power management, support stepless of DVFS and super Standby dynamic adjustment, intelligent control current output, up to 360 hours long standby life more lasting, and support rapid charging technology, easy to use.

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