Tablet PK: Samsung Ativ Tab VS Microsoft Surface RT

These two products are the first products after the launch of Windows RT system, in fact, whether in the workmanship, design, overall performance is different. If we look at the vision of the production tools as a yardstick, even if Microsoft Surface RT squeaked Samsung ATIV Tab is still the same with the other tablet is just a toy.

Product design PK

Samsung ATIV Tab: Samsung ATIV Tab in design on and its previous tablet style very similar, although only polycarbonate material, but the overall look is still very fashionable. Moreover, in the work, the machine is also quite carefully, even deliberately pressed not appear squeaky.

Microsoft Surface RT: Microsoft Surface RT although in material on the use of all-metal, but the square shape seem simple, but it seems that some of the lack of fashion sense, giving the impression of a more serious, it should be more suitable for the tastes of business people.

ease of use aspects: Samsung's ATIV Tab Although the thickness of only 8.9mm, weight of only 570g, but after all the movies The 10-inch tablet in his hand for a long time will still feel a bit tired. In addition, the aircraft is at the bottom is reserved for expansion interface, but not with a dedicated keyboard dock, but does not support the the Samsung classic S Pen stylus, and overall ease of use on the rival. Relatively speaking, in aspects of ease of use, Microsoft Surface RT performance even better. Of course, this does not just say it in the machine behind a one bracket, it is equipped with the optional two specifications of ultra-thin keyboard and complete interface design in practical applications more handy.

Interface aspects: All common interfaces for Samsung ATIV Tab concentrated in the top of the fuselage has a micro HDMI standard USB 2.0 and a microSD card slot, to meet basic daily needs of mobile applications. However, due to the interface are all focused on the side of the camera, the layout has yet to be raised. Relatively speaking, Microsoft Surface RT Samsung ATIV Tab interface on the number and weight are basically the same, but are located in the fuselage on both sides of the layout is still in use reflects a certain advantage.

Enter aspects: Have just mentioned, Samsung ATIV Tab and not with a dedicated keyboard dock, so in most cases we can only through the on-screen virtual keyboard input operation. Obviously, for a long time for the text entry is simply a nightmare. Microsoft Surface RT can choose to purchase not only Tablet fuselage + touch keyboard suits, and the keyboard part physical keyboard feel more protective cover can also be purchased separately. Separate purchase price of the keyboard is quite high, but it is clear than screen virtual keyboard is stronger many.

Screen aspects: Samsung ATIV Tab with a 10-inch screen and a resolution of 1366 * 768, consistent with the contrast of Microsoft Surface RT. Compared Samsung ATIV Tab screen screen in the general environment to be more colorful and brightness performance should be better than the Microsoft Surface RT. Of course, although we have been longer boast Samsung ATIV Tab screen how good, but also not to say that Microsoft Surface RT screen bad. Both products plus some of the specifications of the screen are the same, so only take together to feel the contrast slightly different.

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